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Do you have a holiday home rental in Northumberland that isn’t achieving the occupancy rate that you expected? Perhaps it isn’t generating the revenue you need to make it viable? Or maybe you want to earn more from a single family residential let property?

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Benefits of Host Northumberland

As investors ourselves we understand what’s important in the property and holiday home market in Northumberland. Your property will be set up and managed by a dedicated team, from copywriting, to professional editorial photography and a five star housekeeping service, we do everything we can to showcase your property in its best light.

Fully Managed Service

We take care of everything so you can sit back, relax and watch your revenue increase.

Maximum Global Listing Exposure

Your property will be seen by millions of potential guests on over 60 global channels.

Revenue Optimisation

A dynamic approach to pricing your property on a per night per stay basis.

Our most common FAQs

Do you work with property investors?

Yes, absolutely! We’re property investors ourselves and Host & Stay was formed due to the demand of our property investor clients. We have a proven track record of generating double figure percentage returns. If you are a property investor interested in learning more about our services, tell us about your
portfolio and what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll connect you with the right member of our team to discuss things further.

Do you list across multiple websites?

Yes, at Host & Stay Northumberland we list your property across multiple channels so that your property reaches a global audience. These include: Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and Expedia. We have a dedicated Channel Management team who keep track of all property bookings using our fully integrated property and channel management
system. This means there are no crossovers between stays booked on different platforms, your prices are continually optimised using our dynamic pricing tool, and you have full visibility on how you property is performing.

How quickly can we go live?

Once we have all of the relevant details required from the owner (including but not limited to: government ID, fully completed draft House Manual, key drop off scheduled, and set-up fee), your listing can go live within a matter of days. If your photography has been scheduled, it can take
up to 72 hours for our editorial photographer to edit and send the final photographs, after which the listing will go live within 48 hours. Every Online Travel Agent has different timelines, and the listing can take around 24-48 hours for approval from TripAdvisor and HomeAway. We’ll keep you informed as we make progress with each, and your property will go live on as soon as it is ready.

Which of my personal belongings can leave in my property?

We always recommend that items of high monetary or sentimental value be removed from your property for safekeeping and peace of mind. You may leave other personal belongings in the property provided they are stored away and leave sufficient space for guests to unpack their belongings. We encourage our owners
to follow our design and interior guides to ensure they provide guests with a fully functional, high specification property.

What is the minimum number of weeks my property needs to be available to qualify for your services?

We have no minimum requirement for availability and work on a completely flexible basis with our owners. You can use as many days and weeks as you want for your own bookings, and we can even just manage your property whilst your travelling or working away. The more availability we
do have to let your property, the easier it will be for us to improve the ongoing performance of your property through increased reviews and incoming booking momentum.

How long will it take for my listing to reach its peak performance?

A brand new property listings usually take 3-5 guest bookings to begin gathering momentum, and we expect to see annual increases in both nightly rates and occupancy rates. We can help you do this more quickly by following our advocated property design and set-up guides. Due to the seasonal nature
of the holiday let market, this can vary depending on the time of year, season and holiday periods.

What happens to my existing bookings if I am moving from another management company?

With our superior yields and service, we have managed many owners switching from our competitors, so this is a process we are very used to. We will happily manage any existing guest bookings and incoming guest communications. Once you sign up with us, all of your existing and future bookings
will be managed under our Host Northumberland management terms. Tell us about your property here and a member of our team will be in contact to answer any questions you may have.

Your journey with us


One of our expert team will come to meet you at your property so you can show us around and tell us a bit more about what you’re looking to achieve. It’s also a chance to see if we’re the right fit for one another.


Within 72 hours of our visit you will receive a performance forecast which will allow you to see what our expected revenue levels are across a 12 month period.


We like to be thorough when it comes to property details so we have a couple of checklists for you to complete at this point. Although we have no lengthy contracts we do ask for a signature to make things a little more formal.


We truly believe our property photography is what sets us apart from the masses of holiday home listings. Once you’re booked in we can have your photos edited and ready for use within 72 hours.


With the property details you supplied, our property visit and your professional images we create a property description that allows the reader to imagine themselves wandering around the property.


Now for the exciting part. We push your property listing live on over 60 global platforms. We always encourage people to book direct with us but your property can begin making waves on platforms such as and airbnb.


We continually strive for better performance and with our weekly property performance meetings and our unique pricing tool we are hands on when a property isn’t hitting our predictions.


Our aim is simple; to earn more for our holiday home owners. With the expert knowledge and dedication from our in-house team we are confident we can make your holiday home experience a breeze.


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