The coastal village of Bamburgh in Northumberland is within the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and therefore attracts a great number of visitors simply for the scenery. Bamburgh also offers holiday makers the opportunity to use the award-winning beach, or to visit Bamburgh Castle.

The castle is known as the seat of the Kings of Northumbria, and Grace Darling (famed for playing her part in rescuing survivors in an 1838 shipwreck) is buried there. With history and amazing scenery on offer, it’s not surprising that holiday letting is a popular business in Bamburgh.

Holiday Property Management in Bamburgh

That’s not to say that setting up your own holiday let is easy – far from it, as there is a lot of work involved. But Bamburgh is indeed popular for holiday rentals, so there is also a lot to be gained from it.

Preparing a house for letting can be a long process. With the competition that is around, you need to make sure that your decisions are based on the needs of your future guests rather than personal preferences. It can be hard to make this separation, but by using the services of an experienced holiday management company you’ll find it much easier to make progress.

And it is not just the preparation that is important, as your guests need to feel welcome when they arrive. At Host Northumberland, we make this a very simple process with our complete holiday property management service.

Host Northumberland Holiday Rentals in Bamburgh

To make our holiday home management a success, we make sure we personalise it every step of the way. We begin with meeting you at the property you own, then we take a look around and answer any questions you may have.

We carefully analyse the local rental market and help you to establish an achievable price for your holiday rental. Based on our experience, we’re confident we’ll get guests through your door and increase profitability.

Next, our design team will make recommendations for areas you can improve the interior of the property – remember, these aren’t personal opinions but carefully planned design tactics to give your house the maximum appeal. We then market your property across 60+ online travel agencies, as well as our own Stay Northumberland website, with professional photography and carefully curated descriptions.

Our 21st century approach to holiday letting will ensure your holiday home is noticed by Bamburgh visitors. Our strategic marketing, professional photography and well-written descriptions will give you the greatest possible exposure.

But we don’t just leave it there. Our fully managed service includes responding to all guest queries as they come in, managing all bookings and payments, and we take care of all handovers too. As part of the checkout service, we can manage all laundry, linen and cleaning to ensure your property receives glowing guest reviews.

Host Northumberland can support you throughout the full holiday letting process, so please get in touch with us today to get your Bamburgh holiday let on the market.

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